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I Love Ny Commercial 2017

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I was given the opportunity to conceptualize and direct the summer tourism campaign for I Love NY. It was a far reaching campaign with production reaching every corner of the state and requiring multiple units. I directed the main unit, while Cameron Dutra and RJ Collins shot in other parts of the state simultaneously. For the narration, I interviewed over 20 real children about their favorite family vacation experiences, while composer Aman Showbiz constructed an entirely original score to underpin the emotional arc of the piece.

  • 2nd Unit Director: Cameron Dutra
  • 2nd Unit Director: RJ Collins
  • Composer: amandeep singh
  • Editor: Kauai Moliterno
  • Cinematographer: Nicholas Wiesnet
  • 2nd Unit DP: Zach Lowry
  • 2nd Unit DP: Brandon Kapelow
  • Colorist: David Torcivia
  • Production Company: Florence