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Google COMMERCIAL 2020

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For this national TV campaign for Google Germany, I collaborated with 72&Sunny Amsterdam to tell an authentic story about a father-daughter relationship. Working with a real family and told in a stream of consciousness style, the story is told through the father’s google searches about his growing daughter through the years. The entire campaign was captured using 35mm still photos, MiniDV, and a few smartphone videos to give the impression of authentic memories.

  • 1st AC: Lili Soto
  • Camera Operator: Brandon Kapelow
  • Producer: Zac Geoffray
  • Producer: Michael McBride
  • 1st Assistant Director: Alan Michnoff
  • Composer: Trevor Doherty
  • Editor: Dan Duran
  • Story Supervisor: Kristelle Laroche
  • Jib Operator & Editor: Emerson Steinberg
  • Assistant Editor: Drew Heskett
  • Production Coordinator: Jenny Leaf
  • Head of Production: Jerad Anderson
  • Production Assista: Maxton Jān Sharif